Learn to Love Your Life with Mindfully Laura

How to know which voice in your head to listen to

In this 30 minute webinar I will show you how to know which voice in your head to listen to! If you are feeling lost about a big decision and feel torn about which way to go, this webinar will give you a range of coaching tools to help you to make better decisions and follow what’s best for you.

I use a personal example of my recent decision to have a surgery and tell you how I made the decision using these tools and also give an example of a coaching client who had two different voices in her head and didn’t know which one to follow.

I am a Professional Coach and Mindfulness Facilitator at Google and I’m dedicated to supporting people to live the life that they love. If you are feeling stuck, lacking clarity or just generally feeling fed up then I’m here to support you to navigate this moment. If you have BIG dreams for your future then I’m here to cheer you on every step of the way as you make it happen. I’ve supported a diverse set of clients to navigate career transitions, relationship breakdown, infertility, boundary setting, achieving life goals and more. I am open to working with anyone and everyone on any topic. I started Google in 2014 and am a mindfulness teacher, a facilitator and a Professional Coach through the Co-Active Training Institute (CTI). I’m ready for us to work together to achieve whatever it is that’s most important to you. Are you? Check out my online program and private coaching options and get in touch!