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Kate, Tech Sales Manager, UK

When I started Laura’s coaching course we were a few months into the global pandemic. I was 30 years old, living in a share house and working from home in a new job. I had been dealing with my dad passing the year before, was feeling stressed and anxious a lot of the time and had developed a habit of catastrophizing and overthinking everything. I was feeling really overwhelmed and down and that’s when a friend introduced me to Laura. Laura helped me recognise how much I have already achieved, helped me remember how grateful I am of what I already have in my life and helped me notice how harsh I could be on myself – I was my own biggest critic. She taught me what manifestation is and how to give yourself permission for the things you want. 8 months on and I am now living in my very own apartment (owning my own place was on my manifestation list!). We’re still in the global pandemic and I have had a few challenging situations arise along the way but my response to them when they arise has been different. I am now able to calmly deal with what comes my way and notice when anxiety or stress starts creeping in; managing it before it takes over. This course is a great introduction to mindfulness and perfect if you’ve not done life coaching or therapy before like I hadn’t. Each topic is broken down into short, digestable sections so it’s easy to fit in while working and carrying on with your normal life. Laura is an absolute sweetheart; she is really passionate about coaching and you can feel it when you have your 1:1 with her; she really cares. I’d definitely recommend this course. 

Laura was fantastic. She made me feel comfortable, helped me better understand my need and helped me create a plan to work on it. I cannot say enough about Laura. I am so happy I connected with her through this program.
Google Senior Sales Manager
My coaching session with Laura was exactly what I needed to uncover blocks, tap into what my deepest joys were, and lead me to discover my "superpower." In the middle of a rebrand and pivot during COVID-19 is not easy, but with Laura's help, we tackled and processed it together, helping me see my fears and my excitement simultaneously. Walking out of our session, I felt so empowered with my heart so full.
Liz Andolong
Laura held more space for me than any therapist I’ve seen before. I felt a huge emotional release after the session, and have been more in tune ever since. Her solutions based approach was refreshing and motivating. I couldn’t recommend Laura more highly!
Bec Findlay
San Francisco
Working with someone as emotionally intuitive and encouraging as Laura helped me uncover root causes of my discontent that likely would have taken me far longer to figure out on my own. For example, I came to her wanting help getting organized with work and what I want out of it, and we ended up mainly working on self-compassion. Even if you're not entirely sure what you need from Laura, I'm confident anyone could benefit from adding such a wise, kind, and knowledgable person to their support system.
Megan Lierley
I just want to say thank you for all of the tools you've taught me and I am forever grateful. I'm forever grateful for your dedication to mindfulness. Mindfulness is a true gift and I appreciate you for sharing it with me!
Landscape Architect
Working with Laura has helped me heal my heart and live in the fullness of my truth. She has the beautiful ability to deeply listen, to notice patterns and shifts, and to tenderly nourish your soul. She has helped me uncover deep wounds, reframe my beliefs, and transform more fully into my power. I am forever grateful for Laura's gifts. If you get the chance to work with her, TAKE IT! It is a magnetic step forward into living the life of your dreams.
Libby Craig
2020 was meaningful pause where I found connections with myself. It is so lucky to have a fabulous ally like Laura in my self-discovery journey. Laura has brilliant emotional intuition, wisdom and kindness. She is an inspiration for me to see and believe that change is possible and we should stay true to our dreams
Software Engineer

Workshop Facilitation

Laura was great, I appreciated her vulnerability and honesty, and ability to really reflect what she was hearing from the group. She's a skilled facilitator and a great leader for this kind of work.
Workshop participant
Laura is a stellar facilitator and an eloquent presenter. Her immense knowledge of the topic, research that was presented in the course, as well ability to convey the message was phenomenal. Very well done Laura, thank you so much for a great course
Workshop participant
Laura was a great facilitator and presenter who clearly knew the material and was able to apply it directly to our experiences as googlers as well as model vulnerability.
Workshop participant
Amazing story teller. Such great executive presence. Knew the subject so well. her personal stories also resonated very well. Amazing time management. Truly one of the best facilitators that I have seen.
Workshop participant
Laura was amazing. I loved hearing her voice lead meditation. I wish she was the only facilitator.
Workshop participant

Guided Meditations

Wonderful! A powerful journey I’d look forward to any time
Insight Timer
Thank you. Your visualizations are excellent!
Insight Timer
This was so moving💗I really feel that I’ve unlocked what I truly want out of the year without any outside effects just purely what I really seek. Thank you so much this was so lovely x
Insight Timer
So powerful! Thank you for your gift ❤️
Insight Timer
Fantastic. Best meditation I’ve listened to. Great for letting go of the past and setting goals for the future.
Insight Timer
This was an amazing visualization- I will keep coming back to it, thanks so much!!
Insight Timer
Incredible meditation! I'll be using this often. Thank you, Laura. 🙏✨
Insight Timer
This was such a beautiful practice. Laura’s guidance help me create some amazing images that both gave me a sense of calm and inspired me to focus on who I want to be from a place of gratitude. This was gorgeous. Thank you so much.
Insight Timer
I was so moved by this meditation!!! Beautiful ❤️
Insight Timer

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